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For those exploring managed file transfer options, security is an important consideration – a consideration that regulatory compliance and best business practices have made an imperative. MOVEit Secure File Transfer System – features have been designed to help IT teams assert control over sensitive data file transfer, helping ensure security.

MOVEit Managed File Transfer provides security throughout the file transfer life cycle. That life cycle begins when a file is created for automated or manual transmission, and continues through file transport, receipt, and storage or deletion. Throughout the secure managed file transfer life cycle, MOVEit also provides full administrative control over how, where, and by whom files are transferred.

MOVEit offers the administrator a 360-degree view of the organisation's file transfer processes, Including:

View All Data Interactions
Powerful Logging
Sophisticated Reporting

View All Data Interactions

Including details about files, events, users, policies and processes. View by user, group or context.

MOVEit File Transfer delivers encrypted storage of data, protection of encryption and decryption keys, generation and use of strong cryptographic keys, secure distribution of keys, cryptographic key rotation based on cryptoperiods, and restricts unauthorized substitution of cryptographic keys. A multi-tier deployment integrating MOVEit File Transfer with existing database servers and SAN/NAS storage servers enables storage of files, logs, keys and configuration data inside the trusted network.

Powerful Logging

MOVEit logs all user activity (including guests) and can integrate Syslog and Windows Event Log auditing into a central repository for deep and detailed analysis.

MOVEit File Transfer Server maintains application audit logs to support customer recordkeeping and to facilitate daily log review by system administrators or security officers. MOVEit deployed on-premises integrates with a number of log management or SIEM systems. MOVEit offers tamper-evident audit logs.

Sophisticated Reporting

MOVEit boasts an extensive report generator which ships with over 90 predefined reports. Notifications of server events and completed transfers are easily configured.

MOVEit Central provides access to current status and recorded statistics in a convenient report format. Different report display types are available, each with user-selectable display and filter options. Report data can be exported to several different formats.

The MOVEit File Transfer Web interface offers easy online access to status and reports. APIs are available to provide access to log data from customer or third party applications. Access is controlled based on user, group or role.

Managed File Transfer

Moving away from traditional FTP server solutions to MOVEit MFT with a number of key features not available on traditional FTP servers.

P2P File Sharing

Secure, Seamless method for individuals to share files.


Free 30 Day Trial

Free 30 Day Trial

MOVEit enables the secure transfer of data , Also providing a high level of security and control than traditional FTP Servers. Talk to a Tech on 02 9095 3880 or get a Free trial today.

Secure File Transfer for Today's Enterprise

Network Monitoring Software

MOVEit ensures secure and compliant transfers of sensitive data to external partners and systems

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Replace file transfers performed via scripts or disparate systems with a secure centralised system.

Compliance Reporting

Compliance Reporting

Ipswitch Analytics provides flexible reporting, manage workflows and simplify the audit process.


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